Ecology and Environment

Ecology is the science of relations between living organisms and the way they form communities among themselves and with the environment. The term "ecology" was proposed in 1866 by E. Haeckel. Objects of ecology may be populations of organisms, species, communities, ecosystems and the biosphere as a whole. From the middle of XX century, in connection with the aggravated impact of man on nature, ecology assumed particular importance as the scientific basis for environmental management and protection of living organisms, and the term "ecology" have got a broader meaning.

Since 70-ies human ecology (or social ecology) was formed. It studies patterns of interaction between society and the environment, as well as the practical problems of its protection, and includes a variety of philosophical, sociological, economic, geographic and other aspects (city ecology, technical ecology, environmental ethics, etc.). Thatís why we are talking about "greening" of modern science. Environmental problems generated by contemporary social development, have caused a number of socio-political movements (Greens, etc.), opposing the pollution and other negative consequences of scientific and technological progress.

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